dad called earlier, asking if the only reason i’d switch schools was for the financial aid. When i said yes, he asked why i didn’t just ask for a loan from ‘the bank of dad’. 

maybe because i’m a bad student. because when i missed the test dad said ‘this is why i can’t give you anymore money’. because i’m 23 and have a full time job so i shouldn’t have to be relying on him. because i have to go to the endocrinologist in two weeks, but won’t have health insurance till the 6th of june. because he needs to worry about my brother and sister more than me. my brother is doing well in school, as is my sister, while i’ve always been at best a b student. 

i don’t want to impose dad. i don’t deserve you paying the 3k a semester for 2 classes. i should have graduated in 4 years. not the 6 that i’ve been at college



ok guys so i need to clean out my gif folder but i have some gems in here so heres what im gonna fo

the first 3337 people to reblog this will get a totally random gif in their inbox

obviously if you dont have your submission box open i cant send you one but ill drop you an ask saying it wasnt open

if i have a gif that goes with your blog i may give you that one

I will do this until im out of gifs to give